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AMI started in 1909 as "the National Automatic Music Co", making player pianos. After a mechanism was developed to select music rolls, this idea was used in their first jukebox from 1927.

AMI developed the first jukebox that could play both sides of 10 records; A total of 20 selections. This mechanism was used with modifications until 1957!

After the 2nd world war the name was changed to "Automatic Musical Instrument Company" (AMI)


In the fifties, the AMI jukeboxes or variants thereof were made under license by BAL-AMI (England), IMA-AMI (Denmark) and EDEN-AMI (France), among others. In 1962, AMI was bought by "The Automatic Canteen Company" and merged with "ROWE AC Services", a manufacturer of vending machines. Rowe-Ami still makes jukeboxes. Nowadays again under the name AMI and with touchscreen technology: www.amientertainment.com