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The " Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation " was also a major builder of jukeboxes.
The company originally made slot machines, coin-operated scales, and pinball machines.
Rockola was founded in 1927 by David Cullen Rockola. In the 1920s, DC Rockola was connected to organized crime in Chicago and escaped jail time by testifying for the State.
From 1935 Rockola made jukeboxes that were sold under the Rock-Ola name.
From that time until the end of the factory in the early 1980s, more than 400,000 Rockola jukeboxes have been made.
In 1992 Rockola was bought by the "Antique Apparatus Company" who made the "nostalgic" jukeboxes from 1977 and Rockola Jukeboxes are still being made in this way