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Seeburg was founded in 1902 by J.P. Seeburg. A Swedish immigrant. Seeburg started out as a manufacturer of coin-tested electric pianos.Pagina's van V200 BROCHURE.png

Justice P. Seeburg (1871 - †1958)

The first Seeburg jukeboxes were the "Selectophones" from 1934.
During the 1940s, Seeburg was a relatively small player in the then Wurlitzer-dominated market. That changed after the Second World War when Seeburg came on the market with the M100A. This was the first jukebox that could play 50 records (78 rpm) on both sides. It was a very successful and reliable model. its success was such that Seeburg dominated the market from then on throughout the 1950s.
Seeburg worked closely with RCA in the development of the 45 rpm single and the M100B model was the very first jukebox that could only play 45 rpm records.
Seeburg was also the first with a 200 select jukebox (the V200) and the first with a stereo jukebox (the 222).
The Seeburg family sold the factory at the end of the fifties. But Seeburg jukeboxes were built well into the 1970s.