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Jensen Jet's luidsprekers

Sharing the same sense of innovation as the original Jensen musical instrument speakers, the Jensen Jet is the newest addition to the Jensen line. By listening to what player's wanted in a speaker and utilizing the newest materials Jensen continues to transform the music industry by making speakers with unparalled tone.


The first in a new line of high quality professional speakers for the contemporary player, the Blackbird, with its impressive 100 watts of AlNiCo power, has a smooth, distortion-friendly tone, all with unmistakable JENSEN® character. Powerful but classy, the Blackbird offers great dynamics, a very rich harmonic texture with plenty of warmth and a very open high end.


The JENSEN® Tornado offers high power and great tone quality to modern musicians, together with a very desirable reduction in weight.
With a tight and focused low end, the Tornado produces clear, clean tones accented by shimmering but never too brittle highs.
Thanks to its warm harmonic tone, the Tornado is one of the most versatile speakers available in the market today.


The Electric Lightning, named after Britain’s famous supersonic jet, is a true “in your face” Rock ‘n’ Roll speaker designed for loud applications and able to handle the heaviest of playing styles. Its well balanced tone perfectly allows, in true JENSEN®’s tradition, the versatility required by today’s players.

The Falcon is designed to deliver true JENSEN® character with a fatter, juicier tone, retaining all the brand’s famous crispy voice but capable of delivering on demand a more British-like aggressive distortion. It offers a beautiful presence in the middle frequencies and a smoother high end, thanks to a new seamed cone made from all natural materials.

The Nighthawk with its powerful ceramic magnet and large voice coil diameter, stealthily offers a blend of tonal characteristics from both sides of the Atlantic.