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Hammond 1600-1650 output Easy Wire

Designed for push-pull tube output circuits.
Enclosed (shielded), 4 slot, above chassis Type "X" mounting.
Frequency response 30 Hz. to 30 Khz. at full rated power (+/- 1 db max. - ref. 1 Khz) minimum. Except the 1650E (70 Hz. to 30 Khz. +/- 1 db max. - ref. 1 Khz.)
Insulated flexible leads 8" min.
All units (except the 1650G) include 40% screen taps for Ultra-Linear operation (if desired).
Typical applications - Push-Pull: triode, Ultra-Linear pentode, pentode and tetrode connected audio output.
The 1650G does NOT have primary screen taps and will not support "Ultra-Linear" applications.