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Jensen Jet Neodymium


The JENSEN® Tornado offers high power and great tone quality to modern musicians, together with a very desirable reduction in weight.
With a tight and focused low end, the Tornado produces clear, clean tones accented by shimmering but never too brittle highs.
Thanks to its warm harmonic tone, the Tornado is one of the most versatile speakers available in the market today.


Stealth 100 - derived from the original Jensen Tornado used in Fender’s® GB Signature Twin Reverb®, among others, with an added stylish bell cover on the magnet assembly. This speaker offers crystal clear, clean tones accented by shimmering highs with each note sounding tight and well defined.

Stealth 65 - also equipped with a stylish bell, has a warm low end, relaxed mids and rounded highs. It responds to overdrive distortion with easy breakup and punch. The Stealth 65 is a greatly versatile speaker, from clean to lead, with sweet extended harmonics and a definite rocking attitude.

Stealth 80 - also equipped with the cool bell cover, it is well balanced from low to high end with powerful lows, firm mids and sparkling highs. A very efficient and authoritative speaker, when presented with overdrive distortion, the Stealth 80 remains smooth with detailed note definition.